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Medical or apothecary silver gilt bowl

Seventeenth century silver gilt bowl from a portable surgon’s or apothecary case. Used probably as a small mixing bowl was part of a large set […]



Nuremberg gilt silver beaker

Silver beaker with fire gilding. These standard size silver beakers were made from the early seventeenth century and did not vary a lot in size […]



“Large” silver gilt perfum funnel

Fire gilt silver perfum funnel marked with town mark of Moscow and dated 1737. The funnel is also engraved with Kremlin inventiry numbers. Measurements : […]



Jean E Puiforcat silver coffee jug

Ca 1940 Paris silver small coffee jug/ large hot milk jug.. with rosewood handle and finial.Signed underneath with incuse punh “Jean E Puiforcat and with […]



Silver mounted rhino horn cup

Ca 1760 silver mounted rhino horn cup/goblet.The plain silver mounts are fire gilt and in original condition.



Brunswick silver chamberstick

Antique silver chamberstick with detachable sconce. The chamberstick is engraved with a “Royal” crown of Hanover and under the crown “MA” intertwined. Hallmarked on the […]



Russian silver Trompe l’oeil napkin ring

Antique Russian silver gilt ca 1900 Trompe l’oeil napkin ring. Hallmarked with 84 and the town mark of St Persburg. Unfortunately the 84 mark is […]



French silver ecuelle

Antique French silver ecuelle with flat chased decoration. Marked under the handles and on the cover inside with the town mark of Bordeaux date letter […]



Russian silver salt throne

Antique Russian silver salt throne. Engraved in Pan-Slavic revival style. The engraved ornaments are reminisent of early country wooden architecture. Salt thrones were a popular […]



1600 South American silver jug

Ca 1600 small embossed and flat chased silver jug. Cast handle and spout. Probably Peru. Height : 8 cm high Weight : 150.2 gram



Eighteenth century scroll holder

Ca 1790 painted paper mache , tortoise shell and gold scroll holder. These scroll holders were used to give a sheet of poem, a note […]



Seventeenth century gold fob seal

Ca 1680 gold fob seal in 22 carat gold.Probably the seal of a Swedih Count. Measurements : 15 x 14 mm / bezel Height : […]



Small jasper and enamelled silver box

Probably German ca 1700 silver mounted jasper box with an enamelled plaque lid. Measurements :45 x 39 mm



Russian enamelled silver box

Antique enamelled silver box, marked with the mark of the 11 th artel ca 1900 Measurements : 52 mm accross



Silver gilt box

Antique silver gilt box ca. 1700 with original engraved monogram. Dutch or German. measurements;52 mm accross weight ;55.6 gram



1600 silver fob seal

Silver fob seal with a monogram of “E G” on the seal . The table of the seal is engraved with a griffin. English ca […]



Eighteenth century silver cream boat

Unmarked probably Swedish or Norwegian 1770 silver cream boat on four cast and chased feet, with a similar cast overarching flowergarland handle. The underside is […]



Silver and ivory cucumber slice

Ivory cucumber slice with hallmarked English silver mounts, London 1832., with detachable hallmarked silver blade. Measurements : 22.5 cm Width :63 mm



Silver fobseal

ca 1550 silver fob seal of a bird. Measureents : 16 x 13 mm / seal / Height : 25 mm



Engine turned sawing etui

Eighteenth century engine turned silver sawing etui. One compartment is for needles, the second compartment holds two spools of threads. The top is fitted with […]



Seventeenth century christening medal

Fire gilt silver christening pendant/medal or perhaps a pilgrims badge. German ca 1660. The counter loop is sovdered on so as to ba able to […]



South Ameriacan silver mug

South American silver mug, unmarked ca 1780-1800 , probably Peruvian Spanish Colonial period. Original engraved monograms. Measurements : 8.5 cm in height Weight : 220 […]



Pair of cast dwarf candlesticks

Pair of cast silver “dwarf” candlesticks from Poro, Potugal. Merked on base with the town mark of Porto for the period 1804-1810 and the makers […]



Engraved silver gilt counter box

Unmarked probably Dutch silver gilt box for gaming counters. Without any gaming tokens. Measurements : height 27 mm Diameter : 28 mm Weight : 20.6 […]



1740 carved ivory snuffbox

Ca 1740 probably Dutch or German ivory snuff box. The carved lid and the body of the box is carved out of one piece of […]



Seventeenth century “Figa” pomander

Seventeenth century silver gilt “FIGA” / pomander. The figa gesture together with a flower combined wuth a chamber for perfumed balsam is a very rare […]



Engraved Baltic parcel gilt tankard

Engraved parcel gilt tankard on three hollw but cast ball feet. The tankard marked underneath with the town mark of Reval and the makers mark […]



Russian enamelled silver beaker by Ovchinikov

“Tall” Russian silver beaker with cloisone enamel. The beaker is marked underneath with the mark of 1895 for Moscow and the Imperial warrant mark of […]



Engine turned pearshaped pomander

Probably German ca 1700 silver engine turned pear shaped pomander. The pomander unscrews into three pieces so it has two compartments The compartments are gilt […]



Partially gilt silver perfum bottle

Partially gilt cast and chased silver perfum bottle. Probably Italian ca 1740 Height : 11 cm Weight : 105 gram



French silver wine taster

French silver wine taster with and engraved “mushroom” handle . Marked on the side of the body with the charge mark for 1798-1819 and makers […]



Eighteenth century Russian Coffee pot

Wonderful quality silver coffee pot with ebony handle and finial.Marked on the underside of the main body and also on the lid. St Petersburg 1784 […]



Pair of Strassbourg silver candlesticks

Pair of tall Strassbourg silver candlesticks. Marked on thebase with the town mark of Strassbourg and the makers mark of Imlin. Strassbourg ca 1770 / […]



Dutch silver table tobacco box

Antique Dutch silver table tobacco box , marked underneath and lid, with the town mark of Amsterdam , makers mark and date letter



Silver teacaddy

antique engraved silver tacaddy, hallmarked underneath with the town mark of The Hague for 1809. Height : 9.5 cm



1580 Hungarian silver cup

Fire gilt tall silver cup with lobed decoration and engraved rim. The cup unscrews into five sections. and held together in with a central screw. […]



“Large” parcel gilt spice canister

“Large” partially gilt silver spice canister , marked with the town mark of Augsburg and the makers mark of Paul Solanier. Augsburg mark for 1684-89. […]



Seventeenth century silver gilt cup

Fire gilt silver cup with “diamond” decoration. Marked with the town mark of Augsburg for 1640 and the makers mark of Jeronimus Gilg / 1619-70 […]



Early seventeeth century fire gilt silver goblet

Antique fire gilt silver drinking goblet. Marked with the Town mark of Augsburg ca 1630 and makers mark of Theodor Riederer / 1616-1651. Measurements : […]



Micromosaic box

Circular ivory and tortoise shell snuffbox with a micromosaic plaque set in the lid. The micromosaic is ” Pliny’s doves, /the original large mosaic is […]



Large parcel gilt silver coin beaker

“Large” flat chased and engraved silver beaker set with 16 Saxonia silver coins. The beaker is of exeptional quality. The bottom of the beaker is […]



Boxed set of 6 silver gilt Strassbourg coffee spoons

Set of six fire gilt silver coffee spoons . Strassbourg ca 1780. in original tooled leather covered wooden box. Each spoon is marked with the […]



Silver gilt tumbler cup

Ca 1710 fire gilt silver tumbler cup with “snake skin ” decoration. Marked underneath with the town mark of Augsburg and the makers mark of […]



Silver perpetual calender and aide du memoire

Unmarked probably German ca 1680 silver aide du memoire. The front and the back of the piece is with a perpetual calender, showing the days […]



Silver mounted shagreen jewellery box

London 1910 shagreen box with silver mounts.The top is with a blossoming cherry tree inspired by Japanese designs of the 1880 es. Inside with the […]



Eighteenth century flat chased snuff box

ca 1760 “cartouche” shaped silver snuff box, marked with the silver standard mark of 13 only. Probably German or the Hapsburg Empire.Inside with original fire […]



Seventeenth century silver gilt Augsburg beaker

Antique silver beaker from Augsburg. Ca 1660-70. The beaker is decorated with chased wheat sheafs. This decoration normally referred to the harvest, and harvest festivals, […]



Silver gilt Augsburg spice box

Silver gilt travelling spice box, normally these boxes were part of a set of wooden boxed “campagne” set which would include a fork a knife […]

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