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Sixteenth century silver ring

Ca 1550-1580 silver ring with armorial. The sides are engraved with geometrical lines. Central Europe. Ring size : “V”



Russian silver parrot salt

Ca 1890 Russian silver parrot salt shaker, marked on head and body with the mark of Nicholls and Plink Height : 8 cm



Silver mounted walrus ivory carving

Walrus “ivory” carving of a wooman holding a bunch of tulips. Ca 1680 Measurents : 76 mm



Silver box in shape of a bureau

Antique silver box in the shape of a writing bureau. Probably Dutch ca 1840 Height : 37 mm



Sixteenth century silver seal

“Large” circular seal, c 1580 of a Knight. Probably German. Extraordinary detail of an armorial device on the chest armour of the rider when cast […]



Ca 1600 silver gilt Christening medal

German christening medal ca 1600. Cast with original fire gilding. One side with Biblical reference of St John the Baptist and a sixteenth century Christian […]



1800 silver gilt toy ewer

Antique silver gilt ewer toy / for dolls houses / Unmarked possibly French ca 1790-1800. In proportion a perfect recreation of a real one . […]



Gold mounted agate etui with diamond thumb piece

Banded agate etui with gold mounts. Ca 1770 probably French. The thumb piece is a diamond.



Dutch silver toy rocking horse

Late eighteenth century Dutch silver toy / for dolls houses / as a rocking horse. Marked with eighteenth century Amsterdam hallmarks.



Dutch silver toy

Eighteenth century Dutch silver toy / dolls house / iron and stand, hallmarked with Amsterdam marks and the makers mark of Van Geffen



Large Russian silver gilt presentation dish

Large Russian embossed silver presentation dish with cast wheat sheef borders and applied cast decoration. The dish must have been made as a harvest themed […]



1550 Silver pendant

1550-1580 Probably German silver pendant with the Madonna and the Christ cild seated on a throne above a shield. The shield is / apparently / […]



Antique Russian niello snuff box

Antique Russian silver snuff box with niello decoration. Gilt inside and on the outside. Fully hallmarked inside with Moscow town mark and date 1806 Measurements […]



Russian niello silver snuff box

Antique Russian silver snuff box with niello decoration. The box has its original fire gilding inside and on the outside. Fully hallmarked Moscow 1818 Measurements […]



Eighteenth century travelling perfumery

French ca 1770 travelling perfumery. Containing four “large” silver mounted bottles, two smaller ones, a silver tray, a silver funnel, a small silver beaker. The […]



1680 Engine turned silver gilt box

Probably German ca 1680 engine turned silver gilt box. Theses boxes were made in silver, ivory and fron some rare wood from the Far East […]



Silver dragon

Silver sugarbox in the shape of a dragon, with detachable lid.Hand wrought and not cast. Marked Trondheim H Moller. Moller was a famous Norwegian silversmith, […]



Russian silver beaker

Russian silver beaker, marked with the Town mark of St, Petersburg ca 1820. .Also marked with Makers Mark and the mark of 84 / denoting […]



Eighteenth century gilt metal snuff box

English ca 1770 engraved gilt metal snuff box.The engraving appears to be machine engraving but it was done by hand.Astonishing how much labour was spent […]



Eighteenth century silver mounted shell snuff box

Ca 1770-80 silver mounted shell snuff box with a mirror attached on the inside of the lid.Unmarked probably english.



Hungarian silver gilt beaker

1688 silver gilt beaker with engraved arms and dated 1688. The stippled or “snake skin” decorated beaker is engraved with a cartouche with the name […]



Pair of Russian picture frames

Pair of antique Russian picture frames. The silver frames ar frmed by a pink hardstone, form of rhodonite or marble. The silver is hallmarked with […]



Eighteenth century chased silver container

Ca 1760 chased silver container, probably Malta or Sicily. Unmarked, remarkably heavy gauge. Measurements : 6 cm Weight : 64 gram



Eighteenth century Venice coffee pot

Tall silver coffee pot , Venice ca 1770, with the original rose wood handle. The pot is marked with the town mark of Venice and […]



Silver “Egoist” coffee pot

Small Hungarian silver coffee pot /egoist /, hallmarked with the town mark of Buda-Pest and with the makers mark of Josephus Prandtner senior 1791-1837 Also […]



Silver champagne bottle salt shaker

German ca 1890-1900 silver salt shaker in the form of a champagne bottle. Marked on the underside. Height : 85 mm



Glass and silver tankard

Antique glass and silver tankard ca 1730, probably German.The silver mounts are with the original fire gilding. Unmarked. Height:18 cm



Russian silver napkin ring

Finely modelled antique Russian silver napkin ring ca 1890 with an equestrian theme. Marked inside with a mark of 84 and the makers mark of […]



Silver mounted mother of pearl snuff box

Ca 1720-40 silver mounted mother of pearl snuff box. The inside is fire gilt. Unmarked. Measurements : Height : 53 mm



Augsburg silver chocolate pot

“Large” silver chocolate pot with original ebonised handle. Marked on the underside with the town mark of Augsburg with the date letter of 1749-51 and […]



Silver mounted tortoise snuffbox

Ca 1840-60 silver mounted “radiated tortoise” from Madagascar as a snuff box. The engraved silver gilt mount is unmarked, probably European ca 1840-60. Measurements : […]



1700 Silver sawing etui

Probably English ca 1700 silver sawing etui. It houses a silvdr spool. and has a srew off foot to accomodate the sawing needles. The circular […]



French 1750 enamelled silver box

Enamelled silver snuffbox, French ca 1750 , marked with date letter, makers mark, and discharge mark. All the enamel is in wonderful unrestored condition. Measurements […]



“Large” engine turned silver pomander

“large” circular engine turned silver pomander, ca 1700 unmarked, German with screw off top. Diameter 43 mm



Sry Lanka silver basket

Ca 1700 silver basket , possibly from Sry Lanka. The silver wire work is extreemly inricate and thw handles are cast silver and fire gilt. […]



Gold mounted rock crystal box

Unmarked probably Italian Ca 1840 gold mounted rock crystal snuff/pill box. Diameter : 37 mm



Eighteenth century Russian nielloed silver snuffbox

Moscow 1798 gilt silver snuffbox with niello decoration on all sides. Marked inside. Measurements : 93 mm in diameter



Eighteenth century silver and glass perfume bottle

1789 Paris marked silver gilt and glass perfume bottle. Measurements : 14.5 cm



Oval agate bowl

Bigger than usual agate bowlwith spread foot carved in one. Ca 1700 Measurements : 16 x 7 cm Height : 2.6 cm



Silver mounted shell “amulet”

Ca 1740 silver mounted shell amulet. These “amulets” come in all size and shapes from the early 14th century up to 1900,. Teh meaning and […]



1805 Russian silver beaker

Engraved and partially gilt silver beker with hallmarks on the underside. The marks are Kaluga 1805. Height :89 mm Weight :120 gram



Palais Royale small tray

Small Palais Royale tray.Gilt metal and mother of pearl. The Revolution ended in 1799 and Napoleon Bonaparte came to power, becoming Emperor in 1804. Despite […]



1600 gilt copper archery prize

Ca 1600 gilt copper archery price. Probably Dutch. These rices were awarded at archery competitions. Competitors were asked to shoot at a wooden bird sitting […]



1820 Paris silver coaster

Silver wine coaster with applied armorial. Marked on the underside with silver marks for Paris 1819-1838. Measurements : 15.5 cm Weight : 236 gram



Seventeenth century silver cage work box

“Large” cilindrical silver cage work box, with the plain “background” box is fire gilt. The cage is with pierced ornaments and flowers.Unmarked , probably Dutch […]



Silver mounted shell spoon

Antique silver spoon ca 1620 with figurative terminal and a shell bowl. European. !? Length : 17.5 cm



Fire gilt Breslau silver dish

Chased and gilt silver dish ca 1760 , fully marked with the town mark of Breslau and a makers mark. Diameter : 24.5 cm WQeight […]



Seventeenth century silver cross

” large” silver cross, or rather larger than normal silver cross , European, / Spain ?! / ca 1660 One side is with Christ and […]

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