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Eighteenth century Russian silver sugar box

Large and wonderful quality chased silver sugarbox. The body and lid is embossed with rocaille designs. The lid is with a cast finial . Hallmarked […]



Eighteenth century Russian silver and niello charka

Eighteenth century unmarked ca 1760 Russian parcel gilt silver charka with engraved and niello decoration. Diameter : 65 mm



Russian silver parrot salt

Ca 1890 Russian silver parrot salt shaker, marked on head and body with the mark of Nicholls and Plink Height : 8 cm



Large Russian silver gilt presentation dish

Large Russian embossed silver presentation dish with cast wheat sheef borders and applied cast decoration. The dish must have been made as a harvest themed […]



Antique Russian niello snuff box

Antique Russian silver snuff box with niello decoration. Gilt inside and on the outside. Fully hallmarked inside with Moscow town mark and date 1806 Measurements […]



Russian niello silver snuff box

Antique Russian silver snuff box with niello decoration. The box has its original fire gilding inside and on the outside. Fully hallmarked Moscow 1818 Measurements […]



Russian silver beaker

Russian silver beaker, marked with the Town mark of St, Petersburg ca 1820. .Also marked with Makers Mark and the mark of 84 / denoting […]



Pair of Russian picture frames

Pair of antique Russian picture frames. The silver frames ar frmed by a pink hardstone, form of rhodonite or marble. The silver is hallmarked with […]



Russian silver napkin ring

Finely modelled antique Russian silver napkin ring ca 1890 with an equestrian theme. Marked inside with a mark of 84 and the makers mark of […]



Eighteenth century Russian nielloed silver snuffbox

Moscow 1798 gilt silver snuffbox with niello decoration on all sides. Marked inside. Measurements : 93 mm in diameter



1805 Russian silver beaker

Engraved and partially gilt silver beker with hallmarks on the underside. The marks are Kaluga 1805. Height :89 mm Weight :120 gram



Russian silver and niello beaker

Russian silver beaker covered in niello decoration in its original box. The beaker is gilt inside and on the underside. Marked Moscow 1829 Height : […]



Russian Trompe l’Oeil silver cigar box

“Large” silver cigar box with the original gilding inside, engraved to appear to be a wooden cigar box with the tax bands etc. Hallmarked on […]



Antique Russian silver tankard

Russian silver tankard with original fire gilding and presentational engraving on the inside of the lid. Moscow ca 1900.Maker Antin Kuzmitchev. The shape is imitating […]



Russian silver Trompe l’oeil cigar box

Antique Russian silver Trompe l’oeil cigar box, stamped inside lid and body , Moscow 1895 makers nmark AM. Inside with original fire gilding.These “large” cigar […]



Russian silver Trompe l’oeil bowl

Russian silver bowl / probably part of a tea set / with a chased in trompe l’oeil decoration. Marked on the underside with St Petersburg […]



Russian silver Trompe l’oeil basket

Russian trompe l’oeil silver basket with twisted swing handle marked Moscow 1893. Trompe l’oeil / to decive the eye /. Russian silversmiths were extreemly skilled […]



Eighteenth century Russian vodka cup

Flat chased silver tumbler cup. Unmarked ca 1760 Russian with owners monogram engraved on the bottom. These vodka cups were given as presents to people […]



Russian silver Trompe l’oeil jug

Late 19 th century Russian silver jug with trompe l’oeil decoration with cast hollow handle and gilding inside. Maeked underneath with dated Moscow mark 1864 […]



Enamelled Russian tea glass holder

Antique Russian enamelled silver teaglass holder. Marked on the underside with Moscow marks and dated in the hallmark 1892 and with the makers mark of […]



Russian enamelled bowl

Late nineteeth century cloisonne enamelled silver bowl. The triangular shaped bowl is on a cast and enamelled spread foot. Marked underneath with a “Cocoshnik” mark […]



Russian enamelled cup

“Tall” cloisonne enamelled silver gilt cup on cast and also enamelled spread foot. Marked with hallmarks for Moscow and dated 1895 . Makers mark of […]



“Large” silver gilt perfum funnel

Fire gilt silver perfum funnel marked with town mark of Moscow and dated 1737. The funnel is also engraved with Kremlin inventiry numbers. Measurements : […]



Russian silver salt throne

Antique Russian silver salt throne. Engraved in Pan-Slavic revival style. The engraved ornaments are reminisent of early country wooden architecture. Salt thrones were a popular […]



Russian enamelled silver beaker by Ovchinikov

“Tall” Russian silver beaker with cloisone enamel. The beaker is marked underneath with the mark of 1895 for Moscow and the Imperial warrant mark of […]



Russian champleve silver bowl

Antique Russian silver bowl with champleve enamel. Moscow 1893 Height:4.7 cm



Six Russian champleve enamelled silver spoons

Six Russian champleve enamelled silver spoons.St Petersburg 1877. Length of each spoon:15 cm



Eighteenth century Russian silver gilt beaker

Mid eighteenth century Russian engraved silver gilt beaker, marked on the underside with the town mark of Moscow and makers mark. The town mark carries […]

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