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“Large” silver salt

Late eighteenth century silver salt , as a hippo campus. Original but faded fire gilding on the inside. Cast in one and beautifully chased. Unmarked, […]



1690 fire gilt silver beaker from Augsburg

Very good quality silver beaker / 1760 gram / with stippled or /snake skin decoration / with the original fire gilding. Marked underneath the the […]



Early eighteenth century shoe snuff box

Very finely carved, probably French ca 1740 box wood snuff box in shape of a shoe. Measurements : 10 cm in lenght, 5 cm in […]



Russian Trompe l’Oeil tea glass holder

Russian silver tea glass holder. Hall marked , 1895 St Petersburg



Engine turned silver inkstand

Ca 1700 engine turned scribes portable silver inkstand with a special compartment underneath and a sander and ink”bottle”. Unmarked Probably German or Swiss. Height : […]



Partially gilt silver spice canister

Ca 1690 partially gilt silver cannister, with the town mark of Augsburg and makers mark of Marx Schaller 1651-1700. Marked fully on lid and under […]



Stag antler skull

ca 1800 “large” antique realistically carved stag antler Memento Mori skull. Probably Italian. Nice original patina. Measurements: 48 x 38 mm



Sixteenth century silver gilt coconut cup

Partially gilt silver coconut cup, ca 1580-1600. Unmarked, probably German. The top rim is engraced with hunting scenes. Popular item of the sixteenth century Royal […]



1700 Augsburg silver inkstand

1700 silver inkstand from Augsburg. Measurements : 24 x 15.5 cm



Russian champleve silver bowl

Antique Russian silver bowl with champleve enamel. Moscow 1893 Height:4.7 cm



Eighteenth century silver gilt drinking cup

“Double barrel cup” in silver with the original fire gilding. Augsburg 1749-51 by Jacob Biller Height 11 cm Marked on both pieces with Town mark […]



Silver mounted ca 1730 shell snuff box

Antique silver mounted shell snuff box, probably English ca 1730.



Pair of eighteenth century silver candlesticks

Pair of antique silver candlesticks, mareked both with the town mark of Breslau, also with date letter for 1735 and also with the makers mark […]



Silver Scissors Case

Silver scissors case ca 1710-20. Dutch or English. In the late seventeenth century 500 000 French Protestants left France fleeing religious persecution. Many of them […]



Six Russian champleve enamelled silver spoons

Six Russian champleve enamelled silver spoons.St Petersburg 1877. Length of each spoon:15 cm



Fifteenth century silver thurible

ca 1480-1500 silver thurible/censer/. Probably Spanish, with probably the original chain. Height of the piece:23 cm weight:721 grams In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental […]



Parcel gilt Herrendgrund tumbler cup

Herrendgrund tumbler cup. Ca 1740 Herrendgrund is situated about one mile from Neushol, and is famous for a spring, which according to the common opinion […]



Enamelled gold box

Enamelled egg shaped gold box, ca 1730 Vienna.



Strassbourg gilt tumbler cup

“Heavy” gauge and exeptional quality Strassbourg silver fire gilt tumbler cup. Marked with Strassbourg marks and the makers mark of Johann Friderick Krug / Master […]



Large silver second course dish

Large silver second course dish ca 1760 , marked with the town mark of Hanover and the Maker mark of Peter Franz Bunsen 1725 1795 […]



Enamelled Lucknow silver cups

Two / not exactly a pair/ enamelled siver cups, Lucknow ca 1750. Cultural capital of the Moghul Empire. Height of cups:12 cm / 12.5 cm/



Early Eighteenth Century Silver Mounted Shell Snuff Box

Early eighteenth century silver mounted shell as a snuffbox. Probably English ca 1730. The European Renaissance has ushered in a new interest in anything from […]



1600 silver gilt marriage belt

Partially gilt silver belt, sections are cast and chased with masks and late Renaissance ornaments. Probably German or Dutch ca 1600 Length 65 cm



Gothic revival silver gilt chalice

Late ninenteeth century gothic revival silver gilt chalice. German ca 1880 and made in Trier. Height 23 cm Weight :634 grams



1600 North German silver beaker

Ca 1600 partially gilt silver beaker on cast feet, with an applied strap around the waist of the beaker. The reeded strap is with three […]



Silver toy teapot

Dutch silver toy teapot. Amsterdam ca 1760 Makers mark VA in square punch.These Dutch toys were made for childrens dolls houses. Height 35 mm



Set of 18 silver spoons and forks Paris 1778

Straight set of eighteen silver forks and spoons, all marked same Paris hallmarks and same maker and same date letter. All are engraved with the […]



Silver gilt salt

Unmarked cast silver salt with fire gilding , ca 1780-1820. Probably Italian . In Italy during the late fifteenth century nautical subjets became popular again […]



Pair of early seventeenth century silver cups

Ca 1630 engraved silver cups made by Engelbert Elders in Norden , Germany. One is marked with the town mark of Norden and the makers […]



1690 silver gilt fork, spoon , knife

Ca 1690-1700 cast silver gilt fork, spoon, and knife. Wonderful quality. Unmarked probably English.



1690 silver mounted jasper tea cup and saucer

Ca 1690-1700 probably German silver mounted jasper cup and saucer. The arrival of tea in Europe in the early seventeenth century came with Chinese porcellan […]



Eighteenth century Russian silver gilt beaker

Mid eighteenth century Russian engraved silver gilt beaker, marked on the underside with the town mark of Moscow and makers mark. The town mark carries […]



1700 silver and shell spoon

Ca 1680-1700, silver and nautilus shell spoon. Since Nautilus shells are only found in the far eastern part of the Indian Ocean these shells were […]



Silver dragon

Silver sugarbox in the shape of a dragon, with detachable lid.Hand wrought and not cast. Marked Trondheim H Moller. Moller was a famous Norwegian silversmith, […]



Russian silver beaker

Russian silver beaker, marked with the Town mark of St, Petersburg ca 1820. .Also marked with Makers Mark and the mark of 84 / denoting […]



Eighteenth century gilt metal snuff box

English ca 1770 engraved gilt metal snuff box.The engraving appears to be machine engraving but it was done by hand.Astonishing how much labour was spent […]



Eighteenth century silver mounted shell snuff box

Ca 1770-80 silver mounted shell snuff box with a mirror attached on the inside of the lid.Unmarked probably english.



Hungarian silver gilt beaker

1688 silver gilt beaker with engraved arms and dated 1688. The stippled or “snake skin” decorated beaker is engraved with a cartouche with the name […]



Pair of Russian picture frames

Pair of antique Russian picture frames. The silver frames ar frmed by a pink hardstone, form of rhodonite or marble. The silver is hallmarked with […]



Eighteenth century chased silver container

Ca 1760 chased silver container, probably Malta or Sicily. Unmarked, remarkably heavy gauge. Measurements : 6 cm Weight : 64 gram



Eighteenth century Venice coffee pot

Tall silver coffee pot , Venice ca 1770, with the original rose wood handle. The pot is marked with the town mark of Venice and […]



Silver “Egoist” coffee pot

Small Hungarian silver coffee pot /egoist /, hallmarked with the town mark of Buda-Pest and with the makers mark of Josephus Prandtner senior 1791-1837 Also […]



Silver champagne bottle salt shaker

German ca 1890-1900 silver salt shaker in the form of a champagne bottle. Marked on the underside. Height : 85 mm



Russian silver napkin ring

Finely modelled antique Russian silver napkin ring ca 1890 with an equestrian theme. Marked inside with a mark of 84 and the makers mark of […]



Silver mounted mother of pearl snuff box

Ca 1720-40 silver mounted mother of pearl snuff box. The inside is fire gilt. Unmarked. Measurements : Height : 53 mm



Augsburg silver chocolate pot

“Large” silver chocolate pot with original ebonised handle. Marked on the underside with the town mark of Augsburg with the date letter of 1749-51 and […]



Silver mounted tortoise snuffbox

Ca 1840-60 silver mounted “radiated tortoise” from Madagascar as a snuff box. The engraved silver gilt mount is unmarked, probably European ca 1840-60. Measurements : […]



1700 Silver sawing etui

Probably English ca 1700 silver sawing etui. It houses a silvdr spool. and has a srew off foot to accomodate the sawing needles. The circular […]

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