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Marine ivory Teetotum gambling ball

Ca 1700 English gambling dice with thirty two fazetts, each fazett is engraved with a letter. The English philosopher John Locke mentions a thirty two […]



1580 parcel gilt silver cup

Unmarked, probably Hungarian partially gilt silver cup . Height : 13.5 cm Weight 237 gram



Eighteenth century ivory candlestick

Ca 1720 excentric lathe turned ivory candlestick. The candlestick screws apert in three places. Probably Italian. Height 15 cm



Scottish snuff mull

Ca 1740 silver mounted marine ivory and ivory snuff mull. The rococo carved base is walrus and the lid is ivory. The box was sold […]



Seventeenth century silver beaker

Tall ca 1660 chased and partially gilt beaker. Hungarian from Transylvania. In 1241-43 Hungary was devastated by the Mongol invasion. The country was seriously depopulated, […]



“Large” Viking /Celtic revival arts and crafts silver bowl

Larege silver bowl , raised from one piece on three feet with semi precious stones. The bowl is unmarked and can be Norwegian or English., […]



1749 silver drinking cup

Unmarked probably German silver “cage work” silver cup, dated 1749 in a cartouche with a conjoined monogram



Pair of Madrid silver candlesticks

Cast silver candlesticks ca 1830, marked on the foot with the town mark of Madrid and makers mark Height : 20 cm Weight 900 gram



1500 Spanish Pyx

Late gothic Spanish silver gilt pyx ca 1480-1500.The hexagonal top is flat-chased with the word “Jesus Christ” Height : 31 cm Weight: 555 gram



Eighteenth century Russian silver sugar box

Moscow 1769 silver sugar bowl on four cast feet. Highly repoussed and chased with rocaille ornaments are typical flamboyant Russian for the age. Marked on […]



Pair of silver and niello vodka cups

Pair of unmarked seventeenth century Russian silver vodka cups, with engraved arms and niello decoration. Partially fire gilt inside and on the outside. Cast claw […]



Large heavy medieval silver ring

Large heavy silver ring with fire gilt bezel and shoulders. The bezel is seal engraved with the image of a mythical beast with five six […]



1700 Silver wine bowl

Unmarked probably German wine drinking bowl , decorated with chased flowers on the inside of the bowl, the rim is with regence flat chasing and […]



Faberge silver sugar bowl

Ca 1900 silver sugarbowl by Faberge. The bowl would have been part of a tea and coffee service. It could have been in a fitted […]



Kashmiri silver goblet

Ca 1830 silver goblet decorated with finely chizelled flat chasing. The goblet is of European form, but with an Indian “feel”. Unmarked.. Height : 17 […]



Eighteenth century snuffbox

Unmarked probably English silver snuff box with an engraved lid and external hinges in the back. Original fire gilding inside. Measurements: 80 x 55 x […]



1780 tobacco box

ca 1780 silver tobacco box in silver and tortoise shell. The lid is inset with a silver plaque of a running fox.



English silver chamberstick

London 1807 cast silver chamberstick. Marked fully on the underside with makers mark of Samuel Hennel of London. Since the chamberstick is cast it is […]



Nurnberg silver beaker

Antique silver beaker marked underneath with the town mark of Nurnberg and a makers mark. The makers name is not known but we know that […]



Embossed silver box

Probably Greek ca 1800 silver box, the lid is embossed with the image of Saint George and the dragon. The bottom part of the box […]



Georg Jensen condiment tray

Pyramid pattern ca 1930 silver condiment tray. Design no 632



Caucasian silver hamam bowl

Ca 1800 silver hamam bowl with niello decoration. Measurements : 5 cm in height 14 cm in diameter



“The Americas” large silver desk seal

Large desk seal the native American is with a Lama, usually depicting the Continent of the Americas. The carnelian undeside is uncut. Probably French ca […]



Eighteenth century silver vodka cup

Ca 1750 spherical silver vodka cup. Fire gilt inside, outside rim and the spread base. Marked on the underside with the town mark of Dorpat. […]



Life size silver riding hat as stirrup cup

Life size silver riding hat with hunting horn and riding crop as a stirrup drinking cup. The riding crop is with a fox head terminal. […]



Seventeenth century engraved steel scissors case

Late seventeenth century engraved scissors case with a separate compartment for a sharpening stone.The sides of the case are with four loops to accomodate a […]



Augsburg silver beaker

Partially gilt silver beaker with an engraved inscription in an engraved floral frame.”Herich Augustus Klump T 16 july Ano 1730 ” Marked on the underside […]



Pair of eighteenth century silver candlesticks

Pair of wonderful quality cast silver candlesticks , marked an the base with the town mark of Madrid for 1792 and the makers mark of […]



Gold desk seal

Antique probably English ca 1840 gold desk seal, with a cut white agate armorial seal. The top half is guilloche engraved and enamelled.The top of […]



Eighteenth century silver ewer

Very heavy gauge Antique silver ewer, Marked on the foot with the town mark of Lisbon ca 1775 and the makers mark of F.A.I. / […]



Early eighteenth century Baltic covered silver beaker

A covered antique silver beaker with the original fire gilding. The beaker in marked on the under side with the makers mark of JOCHIM FRIEDRICH […]



Early eighteenth century Baltic silver beaker

Early eighteenth century silver beaker with the original fire gilding inside, the rim and the foot.The rim has an engraved inscription dated 1726. Marked on […]



Silver needle case

Probably Italian ca 1800-1820 silver needle case, in the form of a swaddled infant. Grand Tour object , this representation appear in earlier times in […]



Masonic silver medal

Late eighteenth century engraved silver Masonic badge engraved on both sides with symbols. Measurements :50 x 41 mm



Eighteenth century French wine taster

French eighteenth century silver wine taster, marked on the rim and on the underside with a makers mark three times. Provincial ca 1760



1730 marine ivory snuff bottle

Carved marine ivory / walrus / snuff bottle. Probably English ca 1730. The two sides are carved with drinking scenes. Height: 75 mm



Agate snuff box

Oval antique snuff box in red verigated agate. With silver gilt mounts, probably English ca 1820. Dimentions:9 x 5.5 x 2.3 cm



Silver Gilt copy of Cellini’s Salt

Silver gilt copy of the Cellini Salt. Probably German ca 1870. The base is 15 cm x 12 cm Height:15.5 cm Weight:1325 gr The Cellini […]



Silver sealing wax case

Probably English ca 1760 sealing wax case, with a seal underneath. Wonderful quality. Measurements : 9 cm in height. 79.5 gram



Early Seventeenth century silver drinking cup

Early ca. 1620 partially gilt silver drinking cup. with two cast handles. Probably German. The shape is reminiscent of the so called “pineapple” cups produced […]



“Large” silver salt

Late eighteenth century silver salt , as a hippo campus. Original but faded fire gilding on the inside. Cast in one and beautifully chased. Unmarked, […]



1690 fire gilt silver beaker from Augsburg

Very good quality silver beaker / 1760 gram / with stippled or /snake skin decoration / with the original fire gilding. Marked underneath the the […]



Early eighteenth century shoe snuff box

Very finely carved, probably French ca 1740 box wood snuff box in shape of a shoe. Measurements : 10 cm in lenght, 5 cm in […]



Russian Trompe l’Oeil tea glass holder

Russian silver tea glass holder. Hall marked , 1895 St Petersburg



Engine turned silver inkstand

Ca 1700 engine turned scribes portable silver inkstand with a special compartment underneath and a sander and ink”bottle”. Unmarked Probably German or Swiss. Height : […]



Partially gilt silver spice canister

Ca 1690 partially gilt silver cannister, with the town mark of Augsburg and makers mark of Marx Schaller 1651-1700. Marked fully on lid and under […]



Stag antler skull

ca 1800 “large” antique realistically carved stag antler Memento Mori skull. Probably Italian. Nice original patina. Measurements: 48 x 38 mm



Sixteenth century silver gilt coconut cup

Partially gilt silver coconut cup, ca 1580-1600. Unmarked, probably German. The top rim is engraced with hunting scenes. Popular item of the sixteenth century Royal […]

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