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Italian silver coffee pot

Antique silver coffee pot, with the original carved handle. The pot in hall marked on the underside with the mark of Spoleto. Ca 1740.The cast […]



1680 silver gilt scissors case

Engraved and gilt silver scissors case, English ca 1680. The case has a separate compartment to house a sharpening stone as well. This joint solution […]



1580 silver mounted lignum cup

Gilt silver mounted lignum cup. The silver mounts point to a date of 1580. Lignum was an exotic rarity from the Orient, and as such […]



Russian silver Trompe l’oeil bowl

Russian silver bowl / probably part of a tea set / with a chased in trompe l’oeil decoration. Marked on the underside with St Petersburg […]



Eighteenth century Augsburg sugar box

Ca 1780 silver sugarbox or small toureen with two handles. The box is hinged. Marked on the underside with 14.2.2 in a rectangle punch and […]



Chinese silver hip flask

Chinese silver hip flask decorated with cast and chased dragons. The flask is with a detachable drinking cup. Engraved on one side with the name […]



Set of six seventeenth century ivory handled knives

Set of six carved ivory handled knives. German ca 1680. One is bigger than the other five … Five are with Augsburg blades and one […]



Russian niello beaker

Hallmarked Moscow 1845 , fire gilt silver beaker with nielloe decoration. Height : 65 mm Weight 76 gram



Venetian key ca 1350

Late gothic iron key ca 1350 from Venice. Measurement: 64 mm



Augsburg silver ecuelle

Augsburg 1759 silver ecuelle with lid. Inside with origianal fire gilding. Maker Friderick Schwestermuller. Weight : 330 gram



South American silver chalice

South American probably Guatemalan silver chalice ca 1680. The chased silver chalice has a shaft throught its length and it holds the chalice together, and […]



1666 silver tot cup made out of a coin

Antique tot cup made out of a coin/ Thaler issued by the Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg in 1666 / To make these cups take […]



Silver spice canister

Partially gilt silver spice canister,marked with the town mark of Augsburg on the underside and on the detachable lid. Town mark denoting the date 1700 […]



Silver Indian Colonial Military Trophy cup

Nineteenth century silver trophy cup. Indian colonial, with the top shaped like a lotus flower, dated 1891. Height : 30 cm. Weight : 1680 gram



Naples silver table bell

Ca 1830 silver table bell, hallmarked with the Town Mark of Naples and a makers mark. Height : 14 cm Weight 224 gram



Russian trompe l’oeil silver honey pot

Russian trompe l’oeil silver honey pot with the chased decoration imitating as if the piece was made of birch bark. Marked on the underside with […]



Eighteenth century Russian walrus ivory box

Eighteenth century ca 1770 Russian walrus ivory box. The box is pierced on all sides, the bottom is with some solid part…The box has metal […]



Gild cup shield

Embossed and engraved silver shield. The engraved bread , precl and buns suggest that this shield was part of the Bakers Gild Cup. These shields […]



Eighteenth century silver mounted cowrie shell snuffbox

Large cowrie shell snuffbox twith silver mounts. The silver lid is marked on the inside with a makers mark “SM” in capitel letters. The lid […]



Pair of parcel gilt silver dishes

Pair of unmarked partially gilt silver dishes embossed with the Byzantine Eagle. Probably Greek ca 1730-40. Measurements : 22 x 17.5 cm weight : 188 […]



1815 Silver sauce boat

Antique silver sauce boat with original rosewood handle. Brussels ca 1815 Measurements : height 19.5 cm , length 23 cm WQeight 341 gram



Eighteenth century silver nutmeg grater

Antique silver box ca 1779 with the engraved monogram JM to MW The frant with an inscription : “J C obit 3rd Mo 6 1834 […]



1700 agate handled knife

“Large” table knife with original blade / with cutlers mark of BB / The “pink” agate handle is with the original silver ferrel. European ca […]



Ancient silver Serapis ring

Ancient Roman silver ring with Serapis.Ca 200 A.D.



French gold tooth pick box

Antique ca 1800 Frnch gold tooth pick box. with finely engraved lid and back. Perfect condition. Measurements : 64 x 14 x 13 mm



Silver perpetual calendar

Antique engraved silver perpetual calendar. Thfront and tha obverse side is with engraved sliding discs showing the hours and minutes of sunlights, the feast days […]



Pair of silver mounted agate goblets.

Ca 1770 gilt silver mounted agate toy goblets.Probably English. Measurements :Hight 48 mm



Parcel gilt coin beaker with lid

Covered parcel gilt silver beaker with coins.Marked on lid and on the underside. Breslau ca. 1720 Mk: Christoph Plackwitz /1682-1724/ Hight : 20 cm



Kashmir silver jug

Finely chased small silver water jug/vase. ca 1860 Kashmir. Height : 12 cm Weight :562 gram



Carved coconut cup

Ca 1680 Goanese carved coconut cup with tortoise shell and ivory foot. The lid is carved, engraved and pierced with wonderful detail. The finial is […]




Late seventeenth century silver pomander. Probably German ca 1680. It opens into a six compertmen recepticle, with each compartment as a sealed unit. The foot […]



French Art Deco silver Coffee pot

Ca 1930 hallmarked French Art Deco silver coffee pot with ivory finial and handle. Height : 22.5 cm Weight : 911 gram



Russian silver Trompe l’oeil basket

Russian trompe l’oeil silver basket with twisted swing handle marked Moscow 1893. Trompe l’oeil / to decive the eye /. Russian silversmiths were extreemly skilled […]



Engraved seventeenth century silver casket

Engraved small silver casket, unmarked probably German ca 1660-80. The domed lid is engraved with a heart pierced with an arrow, which suggests the casket […]



Eighteenth century carved ivory snuffbox

Ca 1740 carved ivory snuff box with gilt metal mounts. The sceene depicting Venus with mermaids in a shell. The underside is carved with the […]



Medieval parcel gilt silver plaque

A quattrofoil engraved and partially gilt silver plaque with holes at each end that would suggest thae plaque was part of a cross. The Eagle […]



Eighteenth century Russian vodka cup

Flat chased silver tumbler cup. Unmarked ca 1760 Russian with owners monogram engraved on the bottom. These vodka cups were given as presents to people […]



Eighteenth century gold and agate box

Unmarked Ca 1760 probably English eight sided gold mounted agate snuff box. The agate panels are held in place py a “cage” work gold trelice […]



Silver plaque ca 1720-40 in gilt bronze frame of Vultus of Lucca.

Oval chased silver plaque / repoussed from a sheet rather than cast and chased../ with the crown as an extra applique to give the piece […]



Seventeenth century enamelled silver box

Ca 1680-1690 silver gilt snuff box with a detachable lid, the lid is enamelled. The side of the circular box is is engine turned. The […]



Sixteenth century Hungarian silver goblet

Ca 1570 silver gilt goblet with a cast and chased foot/ detachable / and a flaring out drinking bowl with engraved decoration. Marked on the […]



Tortoise shell box with miniature

Circular tortoise shell snuff box ca 1780 , the detachable lid is with a gilt metal framed painted miniature of M de Ruyter a Dutch […]



1740 English gold box

English antique gold box ca 1740 with a German gold coin from Manheim ” CAR:PHILIP.D.G.ELECT PALATINUS 1733 ” / Charles Philip by the grace of […]



Silver gilt and rock crystal reliquary

Seventeenth century silver gilt reliquary with rock crystal and ivory . the four sided reliquary has a rock crystal recepticle and inside ivry figures of […]



Gilt metal box with engine turned ivory panels

Ca 1740 gilt metal box with six engine turned and stained ivory panels. Measurements : 63 x 50 x30 mm



Medical or apothecary silver gilt bowl

Seventeenth century silver gilt bowl from a portable surgon’s or apothecary case. Used probably as a small mixing bowl was part of a large set […]



Pair of Russian silver vodka cups

Pair of engraved silver Russian vodka cups with the original fire gilding inside, hallmarked St Petersburg 1790. The underside is engraved with the Imperial arms […]



Snuff box with carved ivory plaques

European ca 1740 silver snuffbox with careved ivory plaques . The lid is carved with a pastoral sceene and the under side plaque is with […]

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